Built on J2EE with Liferay and Solr Search Engine

Technical Features

Cloudoffice Digital Workplace provides

JSON Webservice based Backend API

Well defined JSON APIs with easily business need based customizable capabilities. Separate entity declaring and auto web service generation tools. Services can be deployed together in a single container or requirement based can be deployed in many containers

Pub/Sub based data communication

Backend and Frontend communications are Messaging based. The Messaging engine can be deployed and configured with as required hardwares

Search Engine

Cloudoffice has integrated with Solr which is a very powerful search engine which is scalable as required in cloud with custom configurations


There are two kinds of Frontends 1. JSP based and 2. Knockout based HTML5 client both are Progressive Web App (PWA) fully isolated from backend and using latest Chrome ServiceWorker to cache offline and give smooth user experience and user can have same interface in responsive way as Android App, Web App and Desktop Client

Deployable to any cloud

Cloudoffice Digital workplace is independent from cloud vendors dependency, it can be deployed in Google Cloud, Amazon , Azure or own office servers


Any standard RBMS like Mysql, postgres, oracle or MSSQL can work with Cloudoffice Digital Workplace

Best Quality for you

Cloudoffice Digital Workplace Features

Instant Messenger from any device

Create as many groups and sub-groups as you like

Per group authorization configuration

group members can have different roles and sub-groups can be created with sub-teams

File Sharing with Group

Group members can share files and update versions. And can discuss separately on that document

Custom Data Forms Submission with GPS

Admin of the groups can design own data forms and allow certain members to submit data from any location and the form will track the submission location through GPS tracking

Custom Approval Workflow

On the data forms admin can set who can review and who can approve the submitted form.

High Security

All web security standards are maintained while development and on deployment along with HTTPS/2 secure communication on web, organizations can run the platform under VPN security too